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Math: 3(A-D)
Instructor: Mrs. Marino   
Thanks for a great year in math!
Hi Parents.
First of all, thank you for a wonderful year! Thanks for helping with ixl, weekly assignments and standards practice pages. We do not have summer packets like Seaview so here are my recommendations to keep math skills sharp all summer.
  1. ONLINE: Did you know that you have access to ixl all summer and that all work is saved so next year’s math teacher can see it? Have your child work ahead on 6th grade skills and gain some confidence. If a topic is new or challenging you can watch a Khan Academy ( )or ( ) These websites have great online tutorials that students can watch again and again. It becomes a great go-to math resource. Students can also create accounts at Learnzillion and Khan Academy and practice right there.
  1. ON PAPER: Workbooks: I look to for all my books and workbooks. Spectrum makes great work books and you can pick a grade 5 to review or a grade 6 to move ahead. Here are two links to books that are good practice books for students to work independently and answer keys are included.

Have a wonderful summer!
- Mrs. Marino
Math Homework 6/16/15
Students have a short assignment for homework tonight. They received it in class today and I will also post it below under files.
June 8th to 12th Fifth Grade Math Homework
Monday:IXL 20 minutes on a K skill (all skills are on the grade 5 level)
Tuesday: IXL 20 minutes on a L skill
Wednesday:IXL 20 minutes on a M skill
Thursday:IXL 20 minutes on an N skill
Friday: Weekly assignment TEST due. Check it over! Show all work! It will be a Test grade!
5th Grade Math Work for the Week of May 18, 2015
Math Work for the Week of May 18-22, 2015
*** Weekly Assignment Due Friday. It will be a quiz grade!
Monday- - Skill H14 Dividing Money- Score 90% or 25 minutes
Tuesday- Skill H12 Division- Score 90% or 25 minutes
Thursday- Skill G7 Multiply Decimals- Score 90% or 25 minutes
Friday- No hw / Weekly Assignment Due!
There will be a short quiz this week on Thursday with multiplication of decimals and adding and subtracting decimals. This is all review and can be practiced on ixl.
BONUS (OPTIONAL) skills for the week E5, E6, E7 Earn a 100 on any of these skills and receive a free homework pass! You could earn 3 passes!
THURSDAY-IXL D10 for classes 1,3,5 and D11 for classes 2,6
FRIDAY- Take home test (weekly assignment) Due!
*All IXL skills should go at least to a 90% or practice for 15-20 minutes.
Chapter 11 Test moved to Monday May 11, 2015
The Chapter 11 Test will be on Monday, May 11. We just need an extra day to review volume, quadrilaterals, prisms, and pyramids. Good ixl skills to practice for the test are as follows:
B23, B24, B25, B1, B4, B7, B9.
Even if your student already has a good score in these skills practice them again because sometimes they have not done them in a while and can use the extra practice to prepare for the test.
Grade 5 MATH Work for the Week of May 4-8, 2015
Monday- study for quiz on volume of rectangular prisms V= L x W x H
Tuesday-Quiz, Standards Practice Book pages 237 and 238
Wednesday- Standards Practice Book pages 241 and 242
Thursday- Standards Practice Book pages 243 and 244
Friday- Weekly Assignment Due/ Chapter 11 TEST
5th Grade Math Work for the Week of April 27, 2015
Hi Parents (and students).
This week we will have the End of Year Parcc tests in math on Wednesday and Thursday. Tonight students should spend 30 minutes on practicing any skills that involve the basic 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with fractions, decimals and whole numbers and also include some work on quadrilaterals and volume. These are the skills I suggest they work on even if they worked on them before: B7, B23, O9, O12, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, C7. Many of these skills we have already worked on in school or at home but a little refresher always helps build confidence. The P skills are great practice because they mix all the operations into one skill. There will be no homework the rest of the week. Thanks for your support in math!
Parcc Practice Test Online- Use the link to practice for the PARCC
I am extending the extra credit opportunity for the 3rd marking period to Wednesday, April 1st, 2015. See below on this webpage for details on the extra credit.
Mrs. Marino’s 3rd Marking Period Extra credit opportunity:
Earn ten scores in the 90’s on any ten skills in the categories of Geometry in the B,W,Q,P skills.
**Your score will be an extra test grade. This extra credit opportunity expires March 27, 2015
Any combination of ten skills in B,W,Q,P skills. It can be all in Geometry or a mixture of 2 or 3 letter skills.

Students must hand in a paper with the names and numbers of the skills completed and the scores next to them. All skills must be new skills (completed on 2/23/15 or after 2/23/15) to be counted for extra credit.

See the 3rd marking period extra credit paper under files on this webpage.

Mrs. Marino's Period 3 Math Class Quiz tomorrow
Tomorrow's quiz will be on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
For example 3/4 + 1/8=
5/6 - 1/3=
Also 1 1/2 + 2 1/4=
Next week we will have a Chapter 6 test that will include subtraction with regrouping.
3rd Period Math Homework Change
Students may skip page 3 of the blue division packet tonight. Students worked on a pink practice test in class today that they should look over to help prepare for the Chapter 5 test tomorrow.
Go Math and Apps!
Did you know there are apps for Go Math and IXL? You can buy them the app store for ipads. Ixl is also available for kindles. We use ipads at home so I'm not sure about other tablets. The apps are cheap ($1.99) and worth every penny when you see your child working on his or her math skills!
September/October Extra Credit Opportunity

Math Extra Credit for September and October

Create a mini math lesson and present it to the class on one of the following topics:

1) explaining the associative, distributive, commutative and identity properties

2) how to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers

3) how to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers (or bigger) with zeros. example: 60 x 90=

4) how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators

5) how to add and subtract decimal numbers

6) how to do long division

7) how to add and subtract mixed numbers

8) how to multiply decimal numbers like 2.5 x 6.7=

9) how to use order of operations

10) how to convert metric units 100 cm = ?km

11) finding area and perimeter of rectangles

12) finding 10 times a number and one tenth of a number

13) have another idea? Just ask Mrs. Marino for approval

* Projects must include a poster OR powerpoint (10 slides or less)

  • Students must create a 5 question quiz for the class for after the lesson
  • Students have the option of having one partner (a partner in another math class is ok)
  • Projects DUE October 24th - or before.
Quiz Tuesday
Hi Period 3 Math Students and Parents.
Students will have a quiz Tuesday on chapter 1, lessons 1,2 and 3.
Students have a chapter 1 Reteach Packet which is an excellent resource to keep at home to help with chapter 1.
Period 3 Class HW - Skill A2 target score 72%, A3 80%
Think Central Log In Information
Students have access to the Go Math textbook online at There is a link to on my webpage as well as on the Seaview School homepage. Students log in with their school usernames and passwords. They can access the textbook as well as the Standards Practice Book.smiley
Hi Parents.
Some 5th grade math homework is online this year.
Here is how to get on
1 Go to
2 Go to Belhaven or Seaview's homepage.
3 Use the link on the left hand side to get to
4 Use your username and password to log on
5 Go to 5th grade and find tonight's skills
6 Try to earn the targeted score listed on your work for the week page in your agenda book
***These assignments should only take 20-30 minutes. If it is too difficult, write me a note in your agenda book.
Discussion Topics
 6.16.15HWK Skills Practice.doc
HWK: Short Spiral Review Due 6/17/15
 Chapter 3 Part 1 PRETEST ANSWER KEY.docx
Chapter 3 Part 1 Pretest Answer Key
 extra credit 3mp ixl.docx
3rd Marking Period Math Extra Credit
Due March 27, 2015
 Math Extra Credit October
Math Extra Credit Due October 24, 2014
 Skills Practice Quiz due 5.22.15.doc
Weekly Assignment Due May 22, 2015
 Skills Practice Quiz due 5.22.15.doc
Weekly Assignment Take Home QUIZ
Due May 22, 2015
 Weekly Assignment # 7 due 11.21.14.doc
Weekly Assignment #7
Due Friday 11/21/14
 Weekly Assignment #2 due 9.19.14.doc
Weekly Assignment #2
Due 9/19/14
 Weekly Assignment #3due 9-26-14.doc
Weekly Assignment 3
Due Friday September 26, 2014
 Weekly Assignment #5Due 10.17.14.doc
Weekly Assignment #5
Due Friday October 17, 2014
 weekly assignment 6 due 11.14.14.doc
Weekly Assignment #6
Due 11/14/14
 Weekly Assignment 8 Due 12.5.14.doc
Weekly Assignment #8
Due 12/5/12
 Weekly Assignment 9Due 12.12.14.doc
Weekly Assignment #9 Due 12/12/14
 Weekly Assignment Due 3.20.15.doc
Weekly Assignment Due March 20, 2015
 Weekly Assignment Due March 27. 2015.doc
Weekly Assignment Due March 27, 2015
 Weekly Assignment Due May 8, 2015.doc
Weekly Assignment Due 5/8/15
 Weekly Assignment QUIZ Due June 12. 2015.doc
Weekly Assignment Take Home TEST
Due Friday 6/12/15
 Weekly Assignment#4due 10-10-14.doc
Weekly Assignment #4
Due 10/10/14
 Welcome to 5th Grade Math 2014-15 [Recovered].ppt
Welcome to 5th Grade Math
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